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There are many ways you can kick-start your adventure, as a young person, parent or adult volunteer. Our volunteers get involved on their terms and not all roles involve working with young people. If you can give a little time (or a lot) to help improve young lives in your community, we’d love to hear from you.

Young people ages 4-13½ will join a Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs or Scouts section in a Scout group. Explorer Scouts aged young people (13½-18) can join one of our district Explorer units and/or volunteer at a group as a Young Leader. Those between 18-25 can join the District Scout network, or take on an adult volunteer role, with a group, the district or one of our active support units.

There are 15 Groups in Warrington East, located at: Culcheth (Jackson Ave), Culcheth (Methodist Church), Oughtrington, Thelwall, Croft, Gorse Covert, Locking Stumps/Birchwood, St Elphin’s, Pepper Street Lymm, Eagle Brow Lymm, Glazebury, Hollins Green, Grappenhall, Padgate, and Woolston.

All of our Groups host Beavers (6-8 years old), Cubs (8-10½ years old) and Scouts (10½-14 years old). Our newest section, Squirrels (for 4-6 year olds) is still launching and can be found at the 9th Warrigton East (Gorse Covert), 12th Warrington East (1st Birchwood) and 27th Warrington East (Woolston).

There are also four Explorer Units 14-18 in the District, hosted at Birchwood, Woolston, Grappenhall and Oughtrington and we have an active District Network which meets at different locations throughout the distrist based on their programme.

If you would like to enquire about membership for your child, or to volunteer with a Group please select the correct option from the drop down and complete the form below. To find your nearest groups or units use our group and unit finder, if there’s a particular group or unit you are interested in let us know otherwise give us your postcode and leave it to us!

Joining Enquiries Form

This form is for joining and volunteering enquiry, please complete the form here or click contact us and select another form so we can help route your query to the best volunteer to respond.

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Enter the details for the person that wants to join below. If you know the group or section you are interested in, please select it, otherwise enter a postcode and a date of birth then we can help!

Note: The Squirrels Section is only available at a small number of Groups :- 12th Warrington East (1st Birchwood in Locking Stumps), 9th Warrington East (Gorse Covert), 27 th Warrington East (Woolston) and 13th Warrington East (St Elphin’s Own) in Howley, at present. We hope to launch more Squirrels Dreys soon.

Young Leader Volunteering

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Ok, please tell us a bit about what you’d like to do using the “Anything else?” box below, and we’ll contact you to dicuss it futher.

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